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Is The Bible Reliable?


Is the New Testament that we have today the same as what was originally written? Has the Bible been changed over time? Do the biographies of Jesus stand up to historiographical scrutiny? Can we verify that the historical events in the Bible actually took place? Can we trust the Bible as a reliable historical document? Do we have the right books in the Bible? What about the other historical books not in the Bible?

These questions and many others often arise concerning the reliability of the Bible. If some of the events in the Bible are legends that scribes wrote into later manuscripts or that original authors embellished, confidence in other recorded events is lost.  If the Bible is not trustworthy, there really isn’t a firm foundation for Christianity.

The good news for Christians and non-Christians alike is that there is substantial evidence for the reliability of the Bible, its accuracy in reporting historical events, and the correct canon of works are in the Bible.

Join us as we consider manuscript, historical, archeological, canonical, and other external evidences that show the Bible is reliable, trustworthy, and compelling!

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