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In the World, Not of It: Christian Identity in a Secular Society


The word Greek word "ekklesia" is the word our New Testaments translate as "church." The word combines the preposition "ek" with the verb "kaleo" and literally means "those who have been called out." That's exactly what the church is. The church are those who have been called out of the world to live as the people of God. But what does that look like in the 21st century? Apologetics.com is proud to partner with New Life Presbyterian Church in La Mesa, CA to host "In the World, but not of It: Christian Identity in a Secular Society" a conference directed at answering that question. Our plenary speakers will be focusing on understanding the mindset of the unbeliever, addressing the issue of homosexuality from a Christian persecutive, and how culture has redefined words and how best to engage with them. At the conference you will also have the opportunity to attend two break out sessions that will challenge you and provide you information to help you defend the faith. It is our hope that this conference not only encourages believers, but helps them to stand firm as the church in the face of an increasingly secular society. We hope to see you there.


Friday night:
          7:00-10:00 - "The Anatomy of Unbelief" + Q and A following - Dr. Scott Oliphint


           9:00-10:00 - "Godly Dominion versus Environmentalism: Reducing Poverty,

                               Restoring Liberty, and Renewing Human Dignity by Reclaiming the

                               Blessings of  Genesis 1:28" - Dr. Calvin Beisner

         10:00-11:00 - "Human Sexuality in Natural and Divine Law: How might the Christian

                               understand faith and culture in relation to contemporary sexual

                               diversity" - Christopher Neiswonger

          11:00-12:00 - Break out session 1

          12:00-12:45 - Lunch

            1:00-  1:45 - Break out session 2

             2:00- 3:00 - "The Things We Say, And The Things We Mean: Getting The Gospel

                                Over The Language Fence" - Lindsay Brooks

Breakout Sessions:

"How to Talk to a Skeptic"
Donald Johnson (Author, President of Don Johnson Ministries)

"Seeking Something More: Contemporary Culture and the Argument from Desire"
Sarah Ankenman (Founder, International Society of Women in Apologetics)

"Well Preserved: Why a Christian Can Be Confident in The Scriptures"
Joe Slunaker (Apologetics.com Staff Apologist)

"Naturalism Emerging Achilles Heel: Consciousness"
Ken Samples (Author, Reasons to Believe Senior Scholar)

"How to Be a Christian and a Scientist"
Dr. Jeff Zweerink (Reasons to Believe Scholar, Research Physicist at UCLA)

"Reasoning: A Beginner's Guide"
Steve Tsai (Apologetics.com Staff Apologist)

K. Scott Oliphint

Dr. K. Scott Oliphint is professor of apologetics and systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and has written three books and numerous scholarly articles.

Company: Westminster Theological Seminary
Title: Professor of Apologetics and Systematic Theology

Christopher Neiswonger

Christopher Neiswonger is a long time host of the Apologetics.com Radio Show. His interest in Apologetics was born of his own deeply personal questions about the nature of God and the content of the Bible. It seems that the most important question a human being can ask is, “How can we know?” Christopher received his Juris Doctor from Trinity Law School, an MA in Communication and Culture from Trinity Graduate School and is currently pursuing an MBA in International Development (he works for one of the world’s largest advocacy, relief, and development NGOs). He has twice received the highest honours from the Los Angeles Music Awards and twice been nominated for Dove awards by the Gospel Music Association. He is married with five children and lives in Los Angeles, California.

Company: Apologetics.com
Title: Staff Apologist

Lindsay Brooks

Lindsay Brooks is an Elder at Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church an co-host of the Apologetics.com Radio Show.

A graduate of Musician’s Institute, he is a former songwriter/producer for legendary Motown music publisher, Jobete, and has done music for several major motion pictures. His passions for Theology, Church History and Philosophy have been focused through his love of music, resulting in a robust music ministry, and an apologetics ministry geared toward engaging the world with the beauty of the Lord, as well as His truth.

A profound love of the Gospel has led him to champion alternative evangelization models in order to meet people where they are in our post-modern culture, including social media and personal evangelization. Lindsay is a frequent public speaker on the subject of Christian Apologetics and has developed a workshop on the co-linguistics of music and its application to Christian liturgy. He is co-author of the book 'Think and Live', and has published articles in the Journal for Trinitarian Studies and Apologetics.

He is husband to Jamiella and daddy to Tinisha, Gabrielle, Amaris and Ezra.

Company: Apologetics.com


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